Monday, February 2, 2009

Steve returns tonight!

The Steve LeVeille Broadcast returns to the airwaves tonight at midnight!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LeVeille, Dyett returning to WBZ

A big THANK YOU to WBZ, CBS Radio, and most importantly, the people who supported this effort! Today, WBZ announced that Steve LeVeille and Lovell Dyett were asked to return to the airwaves. Steve will return to his normal time slot next week! Success!

WBZ is proving that it is indeed a station with integrity. It is rare that a business decision like this is reversed as a result of public opinion, and we can now thank the management for upholding the legacy of WBZ. Please, if you have sent messages to advertisers because of this campaign, consider a reply to encourage their renewed support of the station.

Thank you.

Full text of the news release has been posted on


Posted: Tuesday, 27 January 2009 3:26PM

Steve LeVeille and Lovell Dyett to return to WBZ

Boston (WBZ Newsroom) -- WBZ Newsradio 1030 released the news today that it is pleased to announce that the station has found a way to bring back a couple of WBZ's long-time broadcasters.

Steve LeVeille, who has been a talk show host on WBZ 1030 since 1991, returns to the airwaves in his old time slot next week. Although LeVeille has been off the air for a month following a round of budget cuts, things began to change in recent days when he got the call from WBZ News and Programming Director Peter Casey asking for him to return. "I never expected to get a call like's not how the business works....totally out of left field" LeVeille tells

Casey says "we always knew that the radio audience in New England and beyond has held WBZ to a higher standard than any other radio station and the local overnight programming was a part of that. WBZ is just a very different radio station than any other. We're happy to bring back Steve to his overnight midnight to 5 a.m. time slot."

LeVeille gives credit to his listeners, as he says "power to the people." And LeVeille credits the power of the internet that helped the organized listener campaign that is credited with bringing him back. "I was flabbergasted" at the web sites set-up in his support. He says his own site received more than 8-thousand hits in the month he was gone. Normally his site gets 17-thousand hits in an entire year. Steve says it will be the same show because that's obviously what the people want. The Steve LeVeille Broadcast returns Monday at midnight on WBZ 1030 and online at

WBZ also announced it is pleased to be bringing back Lovell Dyett to do a Sunday morning public affairs program. He will be given the freedom to discuss the tough and important public issues of today and lend his voice to important national and local causes. This preserves his long association with WBZ 1030. His program will be on between 4:30 and 5:00 Sunday morning as a lead in to WBZ's Sunday morning news programming which begins at 5:00.

In a statement announcing the return of LeVeille and Dyett, Casey says "WBZ recognizes the current state of the economy and with that we still need a new way to create new revenue for the Saturday night programming hours". He says "the radio industry is not insulated from the ever changing winds of the economic climate." Casey says "we are still working on creating all of the new revenue programming for Saturday nights and that complete schedule is still coming together."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Call to Action

If you disagree with the decision made by WBZ and CBS to let go of Steve LeVeille and replace him with a syndicated show, let them know. Here is how:

  1. Write a letter to WBZ. Spend $0.42 on a stamp; it will be taken more seriously than an e-mail. When David Brudnoy's show was cancelled, a letter-writing campaign was largely responsible for bringing him back. WBZ's address is
    WBZ NewsRadio 1030
    1170 Soldiers Field Rd.
    Boston MA, 02134

  2. Do the same for CBS Radio.
    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036

  3. Call the WBZ general manager, Ted Jordan. His direct phone number is 617-787-7570. His e-mail address is

  4. Keep letting WBZ's advertisers know that you will not support their products and services if they continue to sponsor the station.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday, Friday

Recent developments:

Generosa was interviewed by the Salem News.

Steve posted a message to his supporters on his website.

Steve was interviewed by the Boston Herald here and here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Contact advertisers

Thanks everyone who provided advertisers and their contact information. As you have figured out, this may be our best bet for getting the attention of WBZ and CBS Radio. Local ads are vital to the station's revenue, and local businesses might be more responsive to our pleas. Let them know what you think of the decision to end the Steve LeVeille Broadcast, and let them know that their ads are being run across syndicated shows. If I were a proud local business (hint, hint), I'd end my sponsorship until local broadcasts returned. Leave a comment if you know of other advertisers, or if the information below is incorrect.

In fact, we already have gotten the attention of CBS. Throughout the 24 hours that this blog has been in existance, more than a dozen visits have been logged from the ISP "CBS Corporation" out of New York. Your comments are being read, so keep them coming!

E-mail address of local advertisers:
Online contact forms only:

Petition to WBZ and its advertisers

Sign the petition to be sent to WBZ and its advertisers. Bring Back Steve!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bring Back Steve LeVeille

As you probably know by now, WBZ/CBS Radio fired Steve LeVeille and replaced him with a syndicated show. WBZ/CBS gave no warning of the change, and they did not let Steve sign off on the air. Morgan White, Jr--a fine radio host in his own right--was filling in for Steve the night the decision was leaked, and it was Morgan who concluded the final Steve LeVeille Broadcast with a tearful call from Generosa, a loyal WBZ caller for decades. Dan Rea and Jordan Rich, the remaining talk-show hosts at the station, were instructed not to address the changes on air, as if the local listeners would not notice the changes. No announcement about the change was made by management on the air or on Steve's face was promptly removed from the website, and WBZ cancelled the domain name of Steve's personal website (; fortunately it remains accessible at They did their best effort at making Steve disappear.

The Steve LeVeille Broadcast was replaced by the newly syndicated Overnight America, hosted by Jon Grayson out of St. Louis. It was touted by Jordan as a show that will continue to be local and relevant to Bostonians because it is only broadcast in four select markets: Boston, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. Jon, however, clearly stated that he wishes to expand the show as much as possible, and his intentions of hosting a nationwide show are obvious. He has no connection to the Boston area, as was painfully obvious when he touted living in upstate New York and Delaware as reasons making him relevant to Boston.

I have nothing against Jon Grayson. He seems like a fine host for a market like St. Louis. I listened for a couple of hours, and was surprised at his choice of topics for his "inaugural show". One would think that a host would spend some real time thinking of topics for the first night of a brand new radio show. Grayson's first topic was drunk driving, based on some report he had just heard in the news. Whatever his thesis about drunk driving was, I don't remember, as it was either really short or really obvious (or both). Callers took it in whatever direction they chose, and it ended up being a pointless discussion topic.

The second topic was about monkey meat. Yes...monkey meat. Enough said. I fell asleep after that.

I didn't want to have to make a point about Boston callers having a bit more, uh, shall we say, intelligence than their counterparts in the mid-west, as expected from this conceited and proud Bostonian. Fortunately, I don't have to. Callers from the other regions--except for the few blatant rednecks I heard--were mildly entertaining. Jon didn't need to announce where a caller was from, as you could figure it out based on the accent within a sentence or two. Jon's choice of topics and the conversation he contributed, however, made him sound intellectually little more than the average caller.

I, for one, do not plan on becoming a regular listener of Overnight America. The combination of the way Steve was discourteously removed from the station and Grayson's lack of fit for the Boston market is too much for this listener.

From what I heard, Grayson was unapologetic and unsympathetic to the callers lamenting the disappearance of Steve. In the telephone conversation with him before the show started, Jordan tried repeatedly to get him to express that he understands we just lost a local voice in Steve. Grayson foolishly refused to address it, and sounded painfully confident that we would instantly approve of his voice being heard during the Steve LeVeille Broadcast. On his show, callers, fortunately, let him know what they thought--not of Grayson--but of "pig-headed management" that made the changes. Grayson quickly (and smoothly) hung up when callers got that far in their short-lived rant. Grayson again was unapologetic, and told listeners to take it up with WBZ management. He distanced himself from WBZ on that issue. WBZ, for their part, advertised Grayson's show as "WBZ's Overnight America", as if Grayson were broadcasting from 1170 Soldiers Field Rd.

What would I like WBZ to do? I think that's obvious if you've read this far. Bring back someone who listens to callers, and doesn't hang up on them after a few sentences while pretending to thank them for their call. Bring back someone whose premier discussion topic is not monkey meat. Bring back New England's local voice. Bring back someone who knows where Boston is. Bring back someone who knows what Chowdah is. Bring back the one link to WBZ's legendary past hosts. Bring back grass-roots efforts that can lower our gas prices, or retire Johnny Pesky's number. Bring back LeVeille-palooza. Bring back Tagliabue. And Binswanger, too. Bring back Max. Bring back Mel Simons. Bring back Generosa.

Bring back Steve LeVeille.
This blog is not associated with Steve LeVeille or WBZ. It is from a former loyal WBZ listener returning WBZ listener! Contact me